4.jpgInfinity School is a blueprint for a non-selective, secondary community school offering all families access to an education which provides all learners with the knowledge, skills and attributes to be successful in the 21st Century. Our approach to education is based upon research into effective learning, inspired by highly successful models of education from around the world and shaped by our collective experiences of working in International and London State schools. Alongside academics and researchers from University College London we have designed a collaborative and enquiry based model of learning fit for the 21st Century and fit for modern learners from all backgrounds.

“Infinity School, creating future-ready learners.”



Infinity School, creating ‘Future-ready learners’.

Our belief

We at Infinity School believe that it is the duty of an education to,

  • enable all learners to know enough about themselves, others and the world to find out more;
  • enable all learners to build the cognitive and social means to master a lifetime of learning;
  • enable all learners to develop and practice a range of cognitive, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills which they can develop, hone and synthesise across subject and context specific boundaries throughout their lives; and
  • enable all learners to question, to be self motivated, self regulated and to be aware of how they, others and the world ‘works’. 

Our ‘manifesto’ for change

No one can deny that our world has changed significantly. Our post industrial society, our culture of instant-knowledge, and a world in perpetual flux requires so much more from today’s learners, their teachers and from present systems of formal education. An education must respond to this change and orientate itself towards educating today’s adolescents with a capacity to actively engage with this world positively. 

Complex ‘soft’ skills such as creativity, collaboration and persistence, to name but a few, are crucial skills, qualities and attributes of the individual capable of successfully navigating our complex world. Curriculum models, schools and approaches to education must be designed to facilitate the development of these skills, attributes and capacities all of which are vital in this the 4th Industrial Revolution.  

Our approach will enable all students to master not only individual subjects but also the literacies, competencies and qualities of the lifelong-lifewide and ‘future-ready learner’.

Change partners

We work with education leaders at every level from national organisations to individuals leading the way in re-imagining education. We are committed to working with the local community as it is this community that every system of education should first serve. 

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