An Infinity School Educator

As an Infinity educator your week is one of adventure, collaboration and creativity. You feel the hard work you put in daily designing and delivering the curriculum and supporting learners to excel is well worth it. Not only is this a vibrant, democratic and truly collaborative environment to work within, you feel that the opportunities you have to develop as a professional are unsurpassed.

In your role as an Advisor your versatility is your strength. You spend most of the week with your advisees, a group of 30, giving them the academic and pastoral support they need to make progress as individuals and as teams. You know these students and their families incredibly well, and have worked with many for several years. You know that the key to a successful education, to high quality student outcomes and to enjoyment within teaching is strong relationships.

You began the week with a project tuning session, designing alongside a specialist teacher and your teacher partner, whom your linked with for the half-term, fine tuning a unit of work about biomimicry. You really want students to have a deep understanding of the biology involved and want to make sure the unit is authentic, rigorous and engaging. You also want students to have a learning experience through which knowledge is transformative and not inert. Your charrette is around how to bring the biological knowledge, understanding and skills to life and how you might inspire students to create innovative designs. You appreciate these regular tuning sessions, having your own designs criticized and collaborating with your colleagues. Your thinking that at your next tuning session you will ask a few students to join in and ask them what they feel about this proposed unit.

You have developed a bond with your advisees. They appreciate the amazing opportunities to learn and transform knowledge you are giving them; such as the visit you organised recently to the Walthamstow reservoirs. Your relationship with your students means that they can perform and retain knowledge and skills beyond expectations. You spend time during the week really understanding their progress using online tracking tools and having conversations with the students to help them move forward.

This week’s classes are a mixture of masterclasses led by you in your Subject Specialist role and you supporting learning during Advisory sessions. Your role is to facilitate, question and effectively critique the work done by the students towards their final products. Later in the week, you support and inspire your students to be ready for the exhibition of their learning bringing together their work from over the past few months. What stands out in your mind is how one of your student feels they are now able to overcome their nerves about presenting to an academic audience due to the tips you gave them about voice and posture. You know she will be amazing.

You are a reflective practitioner and engage with and undertake school based research to enhance your own practice and improve the outcomes of your students. The Infinity School approach to supporting your development enables you to pursue an area of interest, supporting autistic students to undertake independent learning, within your daily pedagogy.

One morning during the week you worked with colleagues to review the design of your lesson study project. You feel this work is valued and you appreciate the time built into the school day to undertake meaningful discussions with colleagues. Having protected time to collaborate each morning sets you up for that day and enables you to be more responsive to the needs of your learners.

This week is a particularly busy week. Infinity is a democratic school, therefore you play a key role in all decisions being made. You have chosen to be in the decision making team around culture and climate. You were recently appointed chair of the group and attend leadership meetings. This week you have to make a decision alongside the other 6 chairs to decide on a proposal from your group regarding the enhancement of the schools rewards policy.

You feel Infinity is a very different place to work. Your previous experience working in more ‘traditional’ schools help you to recognise that Infinity is a place where you feel empowered and trusted as an educator and person.  

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