An Infinity School Parent


As an Infinity parent you will feel connected to what your child is learning and the wider school community.  Your access to the school, to the purpose, process and product of your child’s learning and to the progress they are making will be unparalleled. As a connected parent, you partake and participate at Infinity at different levels, This week happens to be a week when you have some free time. You decide that you can offer Infinity some of your skills and knowledge.

You come and support with a literacy group, sharing your enthusiasm for the written word, instilling in others your passion. You are working alongside an Advisor supporting children, who need that bit extra support and time, to work on the structure of their written work. Students will be publishing in a book, which will be stocked in the Walthamstow Library and will be widely available online, and they are keen to get it to a standard worthy of publication. Their achievements will be shared with you, the Infinity and connected.  

Later in the week, you are attending an exhibition of student work. It is an opportunity to see the process and products of learning your daughter has been working on in an integrated Humanities and Languages project and in her personal project. You have been to learning exhibitions before and can see the progress your daughter and her peers are making. You recognise the value of public exhibition and being an active part on the assessment process promoted by Infinity.

At the exhibition, you talk to another parent about their experiences with Infinity. They tell you they have been delivering an architecture masterclass and helping students make scale models of sustainable designs for housing they would like to see in Walthamstow. Another carer you speak to does not feel as though they have a particular skill to offer, however, they know that their presence at the exhibition has really spurred on their son.

Not only are you invited into Infinity and feel a real part of the community, you also find it is easy to understand what progress your daughter is making. You have met her advisor several times, both when you invited him into your home for a coffee and at presentations of learning.  You also have access to an online system which maps your daughter’s progress, commitment and next steps in her learning. You feel confident that you can track her progress with her in real time. However, your daughter has grown in confidence since starting Infinity and can easily articulate her own progress to you.

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