Vision, Ethos & Mission

Our Vision, Ethos & Mission:

Infinity School, creating ‘Future-ready learners’.

Infinity School will enable all learners to become proactive, ethical and collaborative participants within a global community, possessing a capacity for a lifetime of liberated learning. 

contest_discover_youthiconWe at Infinity School believe that it is the duty of an education to,

  • enable all learners to know enough about themselves, others and the world to find out more;
  • enable all learners to build the cognitive and social means to master a lifetime of learning;
  • enable all learners to develop and practice a range of cognitive, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills which they can develop, hone and synthesise across subject and context specific boundaries throughout their lives; and
  • enable all learners to question, to be self motivated, self regulated and to be aware of how they, others and the world ‘works’.



Infinity School is a blueprint for a school that gives access to an education focused upon ensuring that every learner is prepared for the complex realities of life within the 21st Century.

  • Our approach to education is based upon research into effective learning, inspired by highly successful models of education from around the world and shaped by our collective experiences of working in London state schools.
  • Our approach does not segregate children by social class or academic ability and through our carefully created teaching groups, called Infinity Teams, difference becomes a driving force for authentic, personalised and collaborative learning.
  • Our approach will enable all learners to master a range of cognitive, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, and with this become independent and liberated learners.


Infinity School will offer a learning environment designed to maximise positive collaboration between individuals, betweens groups and between members of an ever broader community.

  • Everything we do at Infinity has been designed in recognition of the fact that the most effective learning is the result of social activity and the most impactful schooling is built around relationships.
  • We believe that the ability to form and sustain excellent collaborative relationships will be critical to our students’ learning and success in the future, both as lifelong learners and as global citizens.

globeInfinity School will
offer a curriculum, developed with University College London, which is authentic and immersive, enabling students to participate in cross-subject enquiries which provide opportunities to engage deeply with the knowledge, attitudes and skills of a wide range of academic disciplines.

  • Our choice of enquiries are designed around real-world issues, enabling students to make valuable connections between their studies and the world.
  • Our unique Professional Pathways curriculum at Key Stage 4 will prepare students for further study, the world of professional work and a lifetime of learning.
  • Our approach will enable all students to master individual subjects and develop 21st Century competencies such as Digital Intelligences and interpersonal skills.


Infinity School will create a culture of openness and transparency where parents and families will be encouraged to become actively involved in the development of the school and in the learning experiences of their children.

  • Parents, local experts and the wider community will be invited to attend Celebrations of Learning, to be panel members at Student Led Conferences and to run Exploratory learning sessions.
  • This enhanced relationship between school, home and the community is designed to ensure that Infinity School will be a true community school, to be a hub for local families and local enterprise and above all to create ever more meaningful learning experiences for our learners.


Infinity School will have high expectations for all the learners in our care.Through challenge and close support all students will come to know, to do and to achieve more than they think possible.

  • Our students will master academic content, produce high quality work and will be provided with opportunities to benefit the wider community through the products of their learning.
  • In addition to developing a broad range of skills and capacities which will enable each and every learner to engage with the world positively we expect all to achieve at least 5 A*-C GCSE grades including English and Maths, to obtain the Extended Project Qualification and to maintain a positive progress measure throughout their time at Infinity.
  • Our approach to highly personalised and authentic learning with a relentless focus upon the purpose, process and products of learning will help all students develop the academic skills and work ethic that prepares them for life beyond school.
  • Our holistic and integrated approach to pastoral support, learning, teaching, and assessment, when coupled with our high expectations, will provide the perfect foundation for achievement and success for all.

liberated-learningAn education for Education – Liberated Learning 

Learning is a lifelong process. It is both a passive and active engagement with our empirical and ontological world. It is a transformative process, one leading to a permanent capacity change within and between individuals. It is a process which, when fully harnessed, can lead to personal enlightenment. Such a a journey is what we may call an individuals Education.

An individual’s capacity to engage with and in their Education is shaped by countless variables, encounters, structures and systems. Yet it is one system, bound in what is a fleeting moment in time, which plays a significant role in liberating an individual from dependence towards independence; that being their education.

As Paulo Freire poignantly identified,

‘[e]ducation either functions as an instrument which is used to facilitate integration of the younger generation into the logic of the present system and bring about conformity or it becomes the practice of freedom, the means by which men and women deal critically and creatively with reality and discover how to participate in the transformation of their world.’ (Paulo Freire, 2000, p.34)

What more can we want for todays learners and the systems of education they experience? Underpinning all we do at Infinity is this philosophical truth, an education must provide the means through which liberated learning is possible for all. 

Why does the system need changing?

No one can deny that in the last year, let alone decade or century, our world has changed significantly. Our post industrial society, our culture of instant-knowledge, and a world in perpetual flux requires so much more from today’s learners, their teachers and from present systems of formal education.

An education must respond to this change and orientate itself towards educating today’s adolescents with a capacity to actively engage with this world positively. An education must enable an individual to direct their own Education throughout their evolving lives, ad infinitum, while contributing towards the creation of a desired collective reality. This is a defining element of true liberation as a human.

The traditional transmission and ‘banking’ (Freire, 2000) systems of education, and in turn all to common approaches to teaching and learning which focus on enculturing predefined knowledge, situationally applied understanding and domain specific skills is no longer an appropriate preparation of today’s adolescents for their place in this complex yet Brave New World. An education can and must offer much more than a process of at best enculturation and at worst indoctrination. It must offer liberation.

The question of why, and the purpose of an education, seeks an informed and wise address. An address not shaped by political and personal bias but one shaped by the hopes and ambitions we collectively have for humankind. We at Infinity wish to play our small role in helping form this address, one we feel will help us all stride forward purposefully into an unknown future.

We pose the question, without experiencing a culture of purposeful and affective learning within a system of education how can an individual be expected to recognise and master their own effective Education of lifelong-lifewide learning?  Find out more.

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