Advisory, Exploratory, Core & More

We want Infinity students to have a broad, balanced, authentic, experiential and inspiring curriculum. Our curriculum will be organised under key concepts, such as Culture and Justice, through which subject disciplines will be taught both overtly and as integrated interdisciplinary enquiries. These concepts will change every 1/2 term creating a natural beginning and end to a cycle of learning. The curriculum will be facilitated through Advisory, Exploratory and Core sessions. These sessions will be delivered through face to face in-school provision and through our e-learning platform; Infinity Cloud. Our Blended Learning approach will enable learners to move forward at their own pace, while being fully supported as they guide their own way through elements of their learning. We will design online course to prepare for, supplement and extend in class learning.

3Advisory: The advisory will be a pod/class of 24 students with an ‘Advisor’ teacher attached. The same teacher will support students within their Advisory lessons and often within their Core and Experiential lessons. This is so that Advisors, as both teacher and mentor, have a thorough understanding of each individual in their care, building strong and long lasting relationships. The Advisor remains fixed throughout the student’s time at Infinity ensuring the development of an ever deeper and productive learning relationship.  

Advisory will take place for at least 7 hours per week with some flexibility with the Core. Within an Advisory session the following may occur across a week;

  • The advisor will mentor individuals and their Team, guiding their social, emotional and academic development
  • The advisor will facilitate our approach to shared reading and to cultural exchange
  • The advisor will monitor a student’s progress, their e-portfolio and help learners to shape their Personalised Learning Plan
  • The advisor will work with students 1-1 to help them catch up with or work towards mastery of a particular skill from their Core learning
  • The advisor will support students in the completion of their personal study and Individual Project
  • The advisor will support in the completion of an advisory project, this is where they study topics of social significance over a term. This may build on the knowledge and skills from their core learning but also aim to think about problems facing the real world helping to support every learner’s Community Project.

Core academic learning will have an interdisciplinary approach but ensure students have a deep understanding of the content they are learning. These sessions will be a mixture of;

  • Mastery based learning:  Sessions designed so that students don’t move on until they have mastered particular skills or understanding.  
  • Masterclasses:  Students will be taught by and have modelled by Subject Experts complex concepts and skills.  
  • Collaborative problem Solving Projects: Students work across disciplines making their learning purposeful.  Teachers think deeply about the processes of learning and students exhibit a final product to a real world audience, including their peers, parents and carers.    

95b72f_619033785de24fc69c0a0be4f1f24291.png_srz_367_353_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srzExploratory: This is a session of at least 5 hours per week when students get to explore, tinker and design. This will follow a model of 4 quarters rotations across the academic year. Its purpose is to expose learners to a broader variety of subjects areas, skills and experiences. Some of the sessions in the exploratory could include;

  • ‘Maker fair’ – students design and build something for the community
  • ‘Integrated Design’
  • ‘Integrated Arts’
  • ‘20% time; Individual Project’
  • Coding and Computer science

1Self-directed Learning: For 2-4 hours per week students will be involved in clubs and societies that are of interest to them.  This could be an additional sport or anything from learning to play chess to debate. Our aim is to have a rich self-directed curriculum led by the local community and parents.  Self-directed alongside Exploratory will begin to enable students to make informed decisions about their Pathway electives as they move through the curriculum towards Year 11.

image4Physical, Health Education & Wellbeing: Students will spend an extended session each week on physical activity, sports and learning skills through Masterclasses. These may be working with community based coaching teams and organisations. Students will also use local facilities to create a diverse experience of physical and health education. We will also seek to take moments in the day to pause and focus upon our wellbeing. Through the application of Yoga, Tai Chi and Mindfulness we will seek to address often neglected aspects of a child’s development.  

homepage_icons_1_idea_exchangeLanguage Acquisition: We aim for students to have a rigorous language education. Students will be able to speak, write and read at least one language fluently by the time they graduate Infinity School. This will be achieved in part by working with native language speakers. In addition we will facilitate the accreditation of community languages, such as Polish, Romanian and Urdu.

Presentations of Learning and Exhibitions: The curriculum will be punctuated with public displays of learning. Through thrice yearly Presentations of Learning individuals and Teams will present publicly evidence of progress made across the subject areas. Exhibitions will mark the end of each unit, course and project, with individuals and Teams sharing their solutions and products with a public audience. This will include sharing their discoveries with parents, carers and with businesses and organisations. This is a key feature of not just the curriculum but also the way in which we at Infinity assess student product and progress

7Home learning: We appreciate the importance of students having a balanced home and academic life and do not wish to overburden them with ‘homework’. Our mission is to develop lifelong-lifewide learners as such we would hope that the Infinity Curriculum will inspire students to learn, beyond the classroom, what they have become passionate about. We will provide home learning as and when it is necessary and we expect home learning to come in different formats across the curriculum. In the most part home learning will prepare learners for in-school learning with tasks dependent on what the students need to be doing at that time to fulfill a brief or to enhance progress. Examples of relevant home learning tasks include;

  • Working towards completing unfinished assignments.
  • Practicing a particular skill with the aim of mastery.
  • Pre-reading material in preparation for a socratic discussion.
  • Reading around the subject.

learning-and-skillsThe Infinity Cloud: To compliment Infinity’s rich curriculum offer there will be an online platform to help support students progress. Features of this platform will include;

  • Students personal digital portfolios to demonstrate their progress and quality of product.
  • Online masterclasses similar to Khan Academy and Big History, to help students work towards mastery of particular course content.
  • Outline of course criteria, deadlines and expected outcomes.
  • Tests to help teachers plan and personalise learning and effectively analyse student progress.  
  • Open access to parents and carers of an individual learner’s course, work and progress data.