The Advisory is a unique approach to education and one which draws upon best practice from Primary and International School systems. The Advisory will be a pod/class of 30 students with an ‘Advisor’ teacher attached. The same teacher will support students within their Advisory lessons and for the majority of Core lessons. This is so that Advisors, as both teacher and mentor, have a thorough understanding of each individual in their care, building strong and long lasting relationships. The Advisor remains fixed throughout the student’s time at Infinity ensuring the development of an ever deeper and productive learning relationship.  This approach aids transitions between primary and secondary and maintains a strong relationship between students and adult. 

Advisory will take place for at least 15 hours over two weeks with some flexibility with the Core. Within an Advisory session the following may occur across a week;

  • The advisor will mentor individuals and their Team, guiding their social, emotional and academic development
  • The advisor will facilitate our approach to shared reading and to cultural exchange
  • The advisor will monitor a student’s progress, their e-portfolio and help learners to shape their Personalised Learning Plan
  • The advisor will work with students 1-1 to help them catch up with or work towards mastery of a particular skill from their Core learning
  • The advisor will support students in the completion of their personal study and Individual Project 
  • The advisor will support in the completion of an advisory project, this is where they study topics of social significance over a term. This may build on the knowledge and skills from their core learning but also aim to think about problems facing the real world helping to support every learner’s Community Project.

Above all the Advisor is a fixed point or reference for students, parents and guardians. It makes communication within and with our school much easier than in most and supports our commitment to democracy and transparency.