Infinity Assessment

An Infinity Education enables all learners to become proactive, ethical and collaborative participants within their diverse global community, possessing a capacity for a lifetime of liberated learning. 

Assessment at Infinity will be:

  • highly personalised and authentic;
  • formative in nature, informing ongoing progression within learning;
  • a facilitator of academic, cognitive, social and emotional successes;
  • transparent, enabling all to recognise and understand progress and attainment;
  • based upon rigorous and challenging Infinity Standards articulated as “I can” statements;
  • varied enabling learners to curate a rich portfolio of achievements;
  • the means to which an individual progresses through the Infinity Baccalaureate;
  • directed towards enabling an individual to become a lifelong-lifewide learner; a liberated learner.

Assessment will reflect the Infinity vision to promote the holistic development of young people by proactively educating the whole person in preparation for a lifetime of learning. Therefore we will assess cognitive and interpersonal skills in 2 main areas:

  • a. Attainment and progress in subject areas; and
  • b. Development in the attributes and practices of an effective lifelong-lifewide learner articulated as the Infinity Learner Profile;

The curriculum will drive the nature of assessments, rather than vice-versa.

In assessing attainment and progress we consider the following aspects

  • a. Acquisition of ‘Factual knowledge’;
  • b. Conceptual understanding;
  • c. Subject specific procedural and second-order skills;
  • d. Learner attributes
  • e. Commitment to Learning

Judgments on student progress will be based on a rich evidence base drawn from a number of sources, to remove as far as possible, preconceived ideas and bias. Our Assessment Framework is a key part of how we embed rigour, high expectations and opportunities to make above expected levels of progress for all learners. High levels of support and appropriate Statements of Readiness in-line with appropriate Trajectories will enable us to treat every student as an individual thus ensuring excellent outcomes no matter an individual’s starting point or need.

We believe that if our approach to assessment is to be of value it has to fulfil a number of key criteria:

  • It must be intrinsically linked with and support our curriculum and teaching & learning.
  • It must be timely and varied.
  • It must be accurate and supported with evidence.
  • It must be owned by the students themselves.
  • It must enable reflection and progression.

The images below will guide you through a more detailed outline of the features of our burgeoning approach towards Assessment.



Learner Trajectories & Statements of Readiness


Developing the Infinity Standards 

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