Inspiring Schools

In addition to the above a large number of schools, internationally and within the UK, have offered us at Infinity inspiration. Be it their approach to learning, their Innovative Learning Environment or their mission for education, we have drawn from the most innovative and effective systems `across the world to help form our Infinity Education. Brightwork’s School. San Francisco “We invite students to be co-authors of … Continue reading Inspiring Schools

An Infinity School Parent

As an Infinity parent you will feel connected to what your child is learning and the wider school community.  Your access to the school, to the purpose, process and product of your child’s learning and to the progress they are making will be unparalleled. As a connected parent, you partake and participate at Infinity at different levels, This week happens to be a week when … Continue reading An Infinity School Parent

An Infinity School Educator

As an Infinity educator your week is one of adventure, collaboration and creativity. You feel the hard work you put in daily designing and delivering the curriculum and supporting learners to excel is well worth it. Not only is this a vibrant, democratic and truly collaborative environment to work within, you feel that the opportunities you have to develop as a professional are unsurpassed. In … Continue reading An Infinity School Educator

An Infinity School Student

Your week at Infinity is one of discovery and passion, rigour and authenticity. You are working hard towards a public exhibition of your work, which is happening at the end of the week. You have a feeling of trepidation but also excitement, and know that you have the support of both your Infinity Team and Advisor to help you to succeed.   Your exhibition is … Continue reading An Infinity School Student