6 Distinctive Features


The Infinity School model will comprise a number of structures, systems and practices which have been derived from the rich research base concerning education and the learning sciences. Of the numerous features we have identified ‘6 Distinctive Features’ which make Infinity School unique.


By being acutely sensitive to individual differences, including prior knowledge, we will promote voice, choice and ownership over all aspects of a learner’s development. The curriculum will be highly attuned to learners’ motivations and the importance of emotions and wellbeing. Personal relationships between educators, learners and the wider community are fundamental to learning. An Infinity education is one which is owned and shaped by learners, not a thing done to them with no consideration of their needs, wants, passions, hopes or dreams. An Infinity education believes in equity and fairness for all. This is achieved through a highly personalised curriculum with choice and voice.  An Infinity education allows students with a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, talents and skills to be tuned into and focussed on their learning.  This is achieved through careful and collaborative curriculum design by enthusiastic and well trained educators. 


The purpose, process and products of learning will be authentic, real and of benefit to an ever wider community, beginning with the individual learner. The curriculum will replicate the real world, its concepts and its problems. Learners will tackle the problems they see in the world and tackle these in meaningful and beneficial ways. The curriculum will promote horizontal connectedness across activities, areas of knowledge and subjects and will not be bound in tight subject silos. Authenticity also recognises the need to become exam ready as well as world ready. As such the curriculum will be underpinned by a lattice of subject specific knowledge, concepts and skills to ensure a rigorous academic Core is present throughout all learning experiences. Authenticity also extends to assessment. The model of assessment within Infinity is authentic as it observes, recognises and rewards that which is authentically valuable to educators, learners and to the wider community. This is articulated throughout our Infinity Baccalaureate.


We intend to offer a unique curriculum, developed with University College London, that offers breadth, balance and high levels challenge for our students, with a relentless focus upon supporting each and every learner to achieve more than they think is possible. Our curriculum is authentic and immersive, enabling students to participate in cross-subject enquiries which provide opportunities to engage deeply with the knowledge, attitudes and skills of a wide range of academic disciplines.  Through such an engaging, democratic, collaborative and interactive learning process, driven by authentic real-world problems, we will be able to provide an address to many of the issues we see present in education nationally and within the locality.  Half termly cross-subject enquiries, drawn under an Infinity Challenge with an associated concept and enquiry question are our central curriculum delivery mechanism. These interdisciplinary enquiries are supported by teacher led masterclasses to ensure that core knowledge, understanding and skills are delivered at the right level, at the right time and to the right students to enable all to make progress in all aspects of the curriculum. Find our more.


Our core and exploratory curriculum will incorporate opportunities for cross generational partnerships with members of the wider community.  Interdisciplinary units will be designed around issues facing the local Waltham Forest community.  Students will apply their learning making it purposeful and also have a valuable product to their learning meaning the work they do often makes a difference to others.  


This is  a completely unique feature, to be found in no other UK Secondary School. An Infinity education is built upon foundations of strong educator-student-community relationships.  Educators spend more time with Infinity students than in traditional settings.  An Infinity educator knows his or her students very well to be able to advise them on the most effective pathways for them. Advisors and students will have regular meetings to set targets and goals and to effectively move forward both academically and personally. Advisors play a crucial role in developing students Personalised Learning Plans (PLPs). Find out more. 

7An Infinity education is structured around a collaborative problem solving group we call the Infinity Team. An individual’s team is made up of 6 learners, mixed in background, experience and ability. A large percentage of learning will happen with the team as it offers social, emotional and academic support. Enabling an individual to collaborate, develop prized social skills and to learn because of the group. The Team is fundamental to the successful application of a Collaborative Group Learning pedagogy and to the implementation of the Infinity Baccalaureate.  Collaborative Group Learning is an approach to learning which makes full use of the social element of the way in which humans learn. Once placed into Infinity Teams students will learn as, with and because of their group, solving problems together and supporting one another’s learning. This approach has been proven to not only aid the development of social skills such as communication and generosity but also aids academic skills, closing performance gaps between groups. It is an approach which enables individuals to flourish while creating a culture of positive and meaningful collaboration rather than negative competition. Collaborative Group Learning will also be applied as a practice to the leadership and running of the school by all members of the school community through an applied model of Collaborative Leadership. We believe that students, teachers, parents should have high levels of ownership over their curriculum, learning spaces and what happens within their school. Hierarchy will not exist at Infinity with all educators and students working together collaboratively in a democracy to decide on school policy. Find out more.