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Our Mission & Culture, our Vision for Education, our  4 Design Principlesand our Distinctive Features shape and represent the Infinity Education.


As an Infinity Educator you would play a fundamental role as a leader of learning at the classroom and whole school level. In your role as an Advisor and Subject Expert you will be part of a subject design team, an active member of the Infinity School Leadership Community, part of a collaborative peer triad and supported to grow as a professional through through your personalised pathway, engaging actively with ongoing research and innovation.

We believe that educators deserve to have their creativity and agency recognised. As such we have created a system of education within Infinity which recognises the educator as a designer. You will receive unparalleled opportunities to design and deliver a curriculum that motivates and interests both you and those in your care. Through sharing your passions with learners, inspiring, impactful and meaningful encounters will be experienced by all members of the ever widening Infinity community.

‘Education…the means by which men and women…discover how to participate in the transformation of their world.’ (Freire, 2000, p.34)

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