The Infinity ‘Future-Ready Learner’

The Infinity ‘future-ready learner’ profile


Complex ‘soft’ skills such as creativity, collaboration and persistence, to name but a few, are crucial skills, qualities and attributes of the individual capable of successfully navigating our complex world.  Our curriculum model is designed to facilitate the development of these skills, attributes and capacities all of which are vital in this the 4th Industrial Revolution.  

Our approach will enable all students to master not only individual subjects but also the literacies, competencies and qualities of the lifelong-lifewide and ‘future-ready learner’.

Students will develop 21st Century literacies such as Numeracy and cultural literacy,  Digital Intelligences (See here) and interpersonal skills, all of which are viewed by current and future employers as of high value (See here).

A lifelong learning  culture such as that we we seek to develop must include learner-centred approaches, adapted to the needs and interests of the individual and encompassing a wide range of skills and training, rather than traditional subject-focused learning. This is why our Infinity curriculum

  • is enquiry driven;
  • deals with real-world problems;
  • is interdisciplinary;
  • is highly personalised;
  • is highly authentic;
  • serves the local community;
  • is facilitated through collaborative group learning; and
  • enables educators to shape the curriculum to ensure they meet the needs and interest of all learner under their care.

Permeating throughout the architecture of our curriculum, at every level of application from whole school down to the daily lived experience of every student, we seek to promote the development of the literacies, competencies and qualities of the lifelong-lifewide and ‘future-ready learner’. 

Competencies include:

  1. Problem solving
  2. Creativity
  3. Communication 
  4. Collaboration

Qualities of character include:

  1. Curiosity
  2. Initiative
  3. Persistence
  4. Adaptabilitty
  5. Leadership and
  6. Social & cultural awareness

Opportunities to develop these attributes will be wide and varied ranging through an identified focus of a learning session, the Infinity Challenge of an enquiry, a designated role taken by a student within a learning session, to self-selected activities as part of Exploratory and Advisory activities.

With our relentless focus on support, epitomised by our approach to the Advisory , our promotion of collaboration and through countless opportunities for learners to shape their own learning experiences we will enculture a ‘no excuses’ approach to learning.

Such a culture will foster,

  • a can do attitude and an ‘ethic of excellence’;
  • community awareness;
  • high levels of communication, generosity and collaboration;
  • high levels of self-efficacy and metacognitive awareness; and
  • every child achieving more than they thought possible.