Infinity Standards

In developing our Infinity Standards we will reference and draw from a number of sources. In addition to drawing from the International Baccalaureate and the GCSE subject grade descriptors, as they evolve, we will also draw from examples of globally recognised best practice to develop our Infinity Standards and the associated ‘I can…’ Statements of Readiness.

Each Unit of Work will provide the means for the Infinity learner to demonstrate their mastery of highly personalised and authentic academic learning targets (Infinity Standards). The learner will be helped towards mastery of these medium-term standards achieving supporting targets over the course of one or a number of lessons. Each target and standard, articulated as an “I can” statement, enables the learner to engage more personally with the ongoing formative process of self-assessment.

Each target acts as a stepping stone towards achieving a required level of knowledge, understanding and skill along a Learning Trajectory and on towards meeting bespoke Statements of Readiness. Graduating through each stage of readiness the Infinity learner moves through the Infinity Baccalaureate towards becoming a liberated lifelong-lifewide learner.

Each trajectory has a set of Statements of Readiness drawn from appropriate and aligned “I can” descriptors for the end of each phase of the Infinity Baccalaureate  (Year 7, Year 9 and Year 11), for each of the subject disciplines and for each of the Infinity Learner Attributes.

These Statements of Readiness are designed to provide long term attainment targets for learners enabling them to meet their targeted KS4 grade. Working towards such statements will give learners clear and achievable learning goals while structuring maximum progress over time for each and every learner. By clearly articulating a personalised and authentic “destination” discussions can take place between student, Advisor and carer to construct termly Personalised Learning Plans. These plans will be acutely focused upon where a student is, where they need to get to and how they will get their, in-line with their personal Statements for Readiness. Such an approach supports the development of ownership and self-efficacy within learning while ensuring necessary levels of knowledge, skill and understanding are in place to confidently and positively progress to the next academic level e.g. moving from Year 7 to Year 8 study.  

Below are three approaches to Standards and Criteria development used by successful  systems; Big Picture Learning Network, XP. and Summit Public Schools. We have chosen these systems as they align closely with our own Mission & Vision for learning and education.

0_BPLearningLogoBig Pictures approach to Learning Goals


XP. Schools approach to Assessment
Summit Schools approach to a Rubric System