We at Infinity School have sought to develop the Infinity model of education on a base of recognised, proven and innovative approaches to education and schooling. As such we read widely and have been fortunate to work with a number of schools and organisations over the years drawing from them inspiration. These experiences, our ongoing reading and our own research into all aspects of education ensures that what we seek to establish within Walthamstow will be the very best system of education for liberation.

Below you will find a selection of formative videos and links to a number of sources which have shaped our vision for Infinity. 

A fascinating insight into the High Tech High approach to education. The full film draws attention to the need to move education systems forward inline with global and social developments. It highlights HTH distinctive features, in particular teacher collaboration, problem solving through project work, the impact of authenticity and the real value of having an Advisory model of support for learning. From this HTH model we have developed a number of the Distinctive Features of an Infinity Education.


XQ, The Super School Project, is a US project seeking to question and reinvigorate education. The video speaks for itself in its powerful argument for education to be rebooted to make it fit for the 21st Century. The context may be the US but the themes explored relate closely to what has happened and what is needed within the UK. XQ’s goals align with our own Vision for education and with the Mission & Culture which sits at the heart of an Infinity Education.


The International Baccalaureate not only shares our Vision for education but also offers the most effective means of summatively assessing learning at ages 16 and 19. It provides a curriculum framework which enables the freedom to provide an authentic, problem driven education. It’s global recognition is the result of its high standards with every IB affiliated school having to meet the organisations exacting standards. We at Infinity would seek to become part of a globally connected family of schools and learners through an application of an IB model. We at Infinity School see the IB Middle Years and Diploma programmes as a viable alternative to the limiting GCSE . We will campaign to enable all learners to access this stable and internationally respected qualification framework.

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