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Infinity School would be a smaller than average comprehensive and community orientated school. With only 120 students per year group, a team of educators associated with each year group and a named Advisor assigned to your child for the duration of their time at Infinity, we will build a close relationship with your child, supporting them academically and socially. We believe this is important as the key to effective teaching and learning is the socio-emotional relationships between a learner, their peers and the adults in their life. (Find out more about Advisors and Advisory)

Infinity School offers you and your child an education which combines proven innovations in teaching and learning with the most effective elements of their primary school experience. Features such as a close community of learners, a named educator offering unparalleled support, a project orientated approach to learning and an open collaborative relationship with parents are aspects of your child’s Infinity experience. We believe this is important as it eases the transition from primary to secondary while framing learning as it is in the real-world. (Find out more about the Inspiration behind Infinity)

Infinity School offers your child an opportunity to experience a broad, balanced, authentic and inspiring education, which will prepare them for all aspects of life within the 21st & 22nd century. Our approach to teaching and learning, our curriculum and our commitment to personalised support for your child will go beyond just passing ‘the test’ to preparing them for a lifetime of learning. We will support the development of highly prized academic knowledge, understanding and skills alongside the attributes of a lifelong-lifewide learner. A focus upon attributes such as Collaboration, Communication and Open-mindedness will help develop often neglected non academic skill. We believe this is important as today’s world requires the ability to continue learning as we move from profession to profession; attributes of the lifelong-lifewide learner are key to this. (Find out more about the Infinity Learner Profile)

Infinity School will enable your child to learn as, with and because of other students. Through their Infinity Team your child will learn how to learn as, with and because of a group. Each Team is made up of a diverse group of 6 learners and is supported by their Adviser. As your child learns to cooperate and collaborate with others, solving academic and social problems, they build the capacity to be interdependent, independent and ultimately liberated as learners. Unlike most schools we truly recognise and enable the vital social nature of learning. We believe this is important as the most effective learning is undertaken when it is is done with others, learning as, with and because of those around you. (Find out more about Collaborative Group Learning)

Infinity School’s year will be divided into 6 cycles, with each cycle driven by a single Core Concept; for example Collaboration, Justice or Culture. Within each cycle students will undertake between 2 and 3 collaborative problem solving enquires or ‘projects’, addressing the Core Concept and enabling students to learn and apply knowledge, understanding and skills associated with the subject disciplines. Each enquiry will address a real-world issue, will be delivered through Advisory, Core and Exploratory sessions, support the development of subject specific skills, and will culminate in a public showcase of learning. We believe this is important as this approach replicates how we learn as adults in the real-world. A public showcase of the products of learning provides your child with a motivation to produce truly beautiful work. (Find out more about the Infinity subject offer)

With every new cycle your child’s Advisor will meet with them, discuss their targets for the 1/2 term ahead and agree upon their Personalised Learning Plan. A possible schedule for a Year 7 learner is outlined below.  However, we will not stick to a rigid timetable for the whole year. Schedules will be flexible and personalised, based on the curriculum design, the unifying Core Concept, time of year and an individual’s Personalised Learning Plan. For example, teachers may choose to spend more time on a given subject/topic/project in a given block. In essence no two schedules will be completely identical. Breaks, including lunch, will be fluid, taken as and when students and educators feel it is the most appropriate time to take them to enhance learning.


Infinity School’s curriculum, from Year 7 all the way through to Year 11, is drawn together under our Infinity Baccalaureate. This enables us to deliver an innovative and highly personalised curriculum while tracking progress and attainment closely to ensure your child’s success within the phases of the Baccalaureate. Success, articulated as your child’s ability to meet personalised Statements of Readiness in line with their Academic Trajectory, will be rewarded and recognised regularly across the Baccalaureate. Due to close monitoring by your child’s Advisor, support and guidance will be given to ensure success, however if your child is not ready to move on to the next phase of the Baccalaureate then provision will be made through our summer school to prepare them for the transition. We believe this is important as close monitoring of progress and attainment not only leads to high academic outcomes but also ensures that the experiences your child has are relevant to their needs at that moment in time. (Find out more about our approach to assessment & details of the Infinity Baccalaureate)

Infinity School’s approach to teaching and learning is continued into Years 10 and 11 (the traditional GCSE years). Our approach to Years 10 and 11 is one which seeks to further replicate the real-world by creating a system of Professional Pathways. During Year 9 your child will be guided to choose a Pathway and with that the associated Major and Core examined subjects, an aligned Internship and the opportunity to select Minor subjects. Each Pathway seeks to create a valuable combination of complimentary subjects while avoiding a narrow straight jacket of ‘expertise’.  We believe this is important as it creates a unified structure and gives greater educational value to summative assessments at age 16. (Find out more about Pathways)

A possible schedule for a Year 1o learner is outlined below.  

timetable 2








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