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Infinity School would be a smaller than average secondary school. With between 120 students per year group, 30 students per class and with a teacher called an Advisor, who will look after you throughout your time at Infinity. Your Advisor, as with all your teachers and class mates, we will build a close relationship with you, supporting you academically and socially, helping you to solve problems and enabling you to be successful. We believe this is important as the key to your success in school is the relationship between you, other learners and with teachers. (Find out more about Advisors and Advisory)

Infinity School would offer you an education which combines the latest and best approaches to teaching and learning with the things you are used to from primary school. A close community of learners, a named teacher giving you lots of support and interesting projects which you will get to choose and help design. We believe this is important as it takes away some of the difficulties of moving from primary to secondary school, also this way of learning is what it’s going to be like to learn in the real-world of your future. (Find out more about the Inspiration behind Infinity)

Infinity School would offer you an opportunity to experience subjects and opportunities which will prepare you for life within the 21st & 22nd century. Our approach to teaching and learning, our curriculum and our commitment to supporting you won’t just be about passing tests. We will help you be ready for a lifetime of learning. We will support the development of highly prized academic knowledge, understanding and skills alongside the attributes of a lifelong-lifewide learner. A focus upon attributes such as Collaboration, Communication and Open-mindedness will help you to develop skills for life. We believe this is important as tomorrows world requires the ability to continue learning as you move from profession to profession; attributes of the lifelong-lifewide learner are key to this. (Find out more about the Infinity Learner Profile)

Infinity School would enable you to learn as, with and because of other students. Through your Infinity Team you will learn how to learn as, with and because of a group. Each Team is made up of a mixed group of 6 learners and is supported by an Adviser. As you learn to cooperate and collaborate with others, solving academic and social problems, you will build the capacity to be interdependent, independent and ultimately liberated as learners. Unlike most schools we truly recognise and enable the vital social nature of learning. This means that we think you should not have to learn on your own in silence but you should learn with others. We believe this is important as the most effective learning is undertaken when it is is done with others, learning as, with and because of those around you. (Find out more about Collaborative Group Learning)

Infinity School supports the use of technology and a blended learning approach to your lessons. You will have access to Chromebooks and iPads and other technology which will help you to learn and show off your learning. Some of your lessons will be online so you can learn at your own pace. This will also help you to learn in different locations, not always in a classroom (even though at Infinity we don’t have classrooms). You will record your work online in an e-portfolio so you can show the world what you are doing and what you have achieved. We also believe that trips are important. London is great so we will us it like our classroom. At Infinity you will spend a lot of time out and about undertaking expeditions and internships. In the first week you will do an outward bounds course such as PGL. We think this is important because learning is best done in spaces and places which match the type of learning you are doing.  (Find out more about what Infinity non-classrooms will look like)

Infinity School’s year would be divided into 6 cycles, with each cycle driven by a single Core Concept; for example Collaboration, Justice or Culture. Within each cycle you will complete between 2 and 3 collaborative problem solving enquires or ‘projects’, addressing the Core Concept and enabling you to learn and apply knowledge, understanding and skills from all the subjects. Each enquiry will address a real-world issue, will be delivered through Advisory, Core and Exploratory sessions, support the development of subject specific skills, and will culminate in a public showcase of learning we call a ‘Celebration of Learning’. We believe this is important as this approach replicates how we learn as adults in the real-world. A public showcase of the products of learning provides you with the motivation to produce truly beautiful work; after all you are showing off your work to a real public audience. (Find out more about the Infinity subject offer)

With every new cycle your Advisor would meet with you, discuss your targets for the 1/2 term ahead and agree upon your Personalised Learning Plan. A possible schedule for you when your in Year 7 is outlined below.  However, we will not stick to a rigid timetable for the whole year. Schedules will be flexible and personalised, based on the curriculum design, the unifying Core Concept, time of year and your Personalised Learning Plan. For example, teachers may choose to spend more time on a given subject/topic/project in a given block. In essence no two schedules will be completely identical. Breaks, including lunch, will be fluid, taken as and when students and educators feel it is the most appropriate time to take them to enhance learning. Your timetable or schedule will change all the time letting you choose some of the lessons you go to. Do you want to go to Dance, Astronomy or Computing this month? It would be up to you.


Infinity School’s curriculum, from Year 7 all the way through to Year 11, is drawn together under our Infinity Baccalaureate. Unlike other schools we have our Baccalaureate. We will help you to pass each year and when you do you will get a graduation ceremony so you can show to everyone that you have mastered one stage and you are ready to move forward in your learning; moving from Transition to Professional Pathways.

Infinity School’s approach to teaching and learning is continued into Years 10, 11 (the traditional GCSE years). Our approach to Years 10 and 11 is one which seeks to further replicate the real-world by creating a system of Pathways. During Year 9 you will be guided to choose a Pathway and with that the associated Major and Core examined subjects, an aligned Internship (experience of work) and the opportunity to select Minor subjects. Each Pathway seeks to create a valuable combination of complimentary subjects while avoiding a narrow straight jacket of ‘expertise’. We believe this is important as it creates a unified structure and gives greater educational value to the tests at age 16. (Find out more about Pathways)

A possible schedule for a Year 1o learner is outlined below.  

timetable 2

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