Trajectories & Statements of Readiness


Infinity Standards

Prior Attainment – Trajectory – Statements of Readiness – Appropriate Standards for Assessment 

Within each area of the Infinity Standards learners will work towards appropriate and ability aligned Statements of Readiness. These statements are designed to provide long term progress and attainment targets for learners in Year 7, Year 9 and Year 11.  Working towards such statements will give learners clear and reachable learning goals while ensuring they can achieve maximum progress over time and have the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding to, confidently and positively, progress to the next level. Achieving your personal statements by the end of the appropriate level is linked to the learners ability to graduate through the Infinity Baccalaureate. Graduation occurs at the end of Year 7, 9 and 11. Students will be closely supported by Advisors and other educators to meet the statements and when necessary additional sessions and learning activities will be provided to enable all to graduate. 

Based on prior and ongoing attainment a student is placed upon an appropriate Trajectory. Learners will work closely with their Advisor to agree both short term and long term targets through the application of personalised  ‘I can…’ statements derived from the Infinity Standards which are appropriate to that learner, their Trajectory and the end of phase Statements of Readiness.

These ‘I can…’ statements will allow students to track, monitor and evidence their leanring journey both individually and as a group over time and support them in reaching the Statements of Readiness. 


An example of a Personalised Learning Plan can be found here: Summit School’s approach to Personalised Learning Plans

An example of Statements of Readiness can be found here: Statement of Readiness

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